2004-2005 State of the Schools Report
  A Report on Nebraska Public Schools  

Dear Nebraskans:

Our students are doing better than ever before. They are achieving at higher and higher levels in reading, writing and mathematics. Since 2000-01, the percentage of fourth, eighth and 11th graders meeting or exceeding our reading standards has increased 10 percent, up to 85 percent. Mathematics results show 82 percent of our students are proficient or better, an 8 percent increase since 2001-02.

And, again this year, students improved their writing skills. In fact, student writing scores have shown the greatest level of improvement with 86 percent proficient or better, a 13 percent increase since we began measuring writing skills in 2001-02. This is important. Writing is a sound measure of our students overall achievement because the results represent the critical thinking skills of our students and their academic foundation in reading, mathematics and the social sciences.

Please take some time to look at these composite scores in our State Report Card, which has been distributed in your daily newspaper and also is available by clicking on the icon on the right side of this screen.

All Nebraskans should take pride in the success of our students. Success in the classroom doesn’t come easy for some students. Some students come to school knowing many, many fewer words than other children. Special learning needs often require special education services. Students who are learning English for the first time in school and moving in or out of school frequently also may have significant challenges to their learning. The number of children who experience those situations continues to grow in Nebraska. Despite those challenges, our educators have worked hard to improve achievement. That is remarkable, and it is hard work on the part of our students and their teachers.

Today, I encourage you to talk to your children about the importance of school and how their success today and this year will benefit them in future years. And please thank their teachers or send them a note.

After you read the summary of the results in our new State Report Card, take a tour of our State of the Schools website and look at how your school district and the students in school buildings near your home are doing.

Yes, our students are achieving at higher levels than ever before.

On behalf of our schools and Nebraska students, thank you for continuing to support public education.

Doug Christensen
Commissioner of Education

Polly Feis
Deputy Commissioner

State Board of Education
Fred Meyer, President
Kandy Imes, Vice President
Robert Evnen
Joe Higgins
Ann Mactier
Jim Scheer
Patricia Timm
Carole Woods Harris
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