2006-2007 State of the Schools Report
  A Report on Nebraska Public Schools  

November 6, 2007

Dear Nebraskans,

Each year we work to improve our state report on Nebraska public schools. This year we have two new tools that will help you analyze the performance of students in your local schools as well as the performance of students in other schools.

The first new addition to the 2007 State of the Schools Report is a chart showing the level of change in the performance of Nebraska students over the years on state reading and mathematics assessments. By clicking on the "All Students" menu item under Reading Performance or Math Performance you will find a trend line chart showing the change in student performance as well as the percentage of change. We call this the "% of Change" because the student performance at the state level has improved over the years. This is important, and this is what we want to see in our individual school district and school building reports as well.

The second new addition is a set of tools that allow you to compare and analyze the student performance results for your school district and/or school building to the results in other school districts and school buildings. This tool also will help you look at the difference among schools that may have influenced their results.

Search for the results of five different school districts or school buildings to allow for easy analysis. This tool will be helpful to families as well as local and state educators and policy makers as they discuss and plan for ways to improve student performance.

All features of the past State of the Schools Reports have been maintained. If you find missing pieces of information about our schools that would be helpful to you, please let us know.

We think you will be pleased with what you learn about Nebraska schools. Your involvement and that of all families is key to improving the educational opportunities our children receive. Research shows that parental involvement is most critical to the success of individual students. Thank you for your interest in our students and their schools.

Doug Christensen
Commissioner of Education

Polly Feis
Deputy Commissioner

State Board of Education
Fred Meyer, President
Kandy Imes, Vice President
Robert Evnen
Joe Higgins
Jim Scheer
Patricia Timm
Kerry Winterer
Carole Woods Harris
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