2007-2008 State of the Schools Report
  A Report on Nebraska Public Schools  

December 12, 2008

Welcome to the State of the Schools Report,

Nebraska's annual report on our public schools once again shows more students are meeting or exceeding state reading and mathematics standards.

The State of the Schools Report provides student achievement results for the state, school districts and individual school buildings. Our students are doing better than ever and have consistently and incrementally improved over the years. Charts showing performance trend data are highlighted when available.

New features of the report include student achievement for additional grades as well as student scores on science standards. In years past, public schools reported student performance at grades four, eight and the 11th grade. This year's report shows performance data for grades three, five, six and seven as well. Additional new features include scores for the following student groups: gender, migrant education, students from low-income families and by race and ethnicity.

This State of the Schools Report also displays writing scores, which were released to the public earlier.

Success in the classroom doesn't come easy for all students. Some come to school knowing significantly fewer words than other children. Special learning needs often require special education services. Learning English for the first time in school, moving in or out of schools frequently or living in a low-income family also may present significant learning challenges for some students. Despite an increase in the number of students with these challenges, our educators have successfully improved student achievement.

We encourage you to talk to your children about the importance of school and how their success today and this year will benefit them in future years. And please thank their teachers.

After you review our new electronic State Report Card by clicking on the icon to the left, take a tour of our State of the Schools Report and look at how your school district and the students in other school districts and school buildings are doing. On behalf of our schools and Nebraska students, thank you for continuing to support public education.

State Board of Education
Fred Meyer, President
Kandy Imes, Vice President
Robert Evnen
Joe Higgins
Jim Scheer
Patricia Timm
Kerry Winterer
Carole Woods Harris
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