2007-2008 State of the Schools Report
  A Report on Nebraska Public Schools  
District Performance Part B

District Performance Report Part B

2007 - 2008

In administering the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, the Office of Special Education Programs has identified Indicators for which local school districts are required to submit data. Data reported by districts will be released by the Nebraska Department of Education to the public in the fall of each year along with performance against established targets.

The Indicator data is a resource for districts when completing the Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD) self assessment, which is intended to be aligned with the district’s continuous improvement process. This information, along with various other data sources guide efforts to improve outcomes for all students.

Disclaimer Statement
The graduation/dropout rate is publicly reported by districts and is based on what was submitted on a state level for Nebraska in the February 1, 2009 APR as directed by the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). This data is based on district verified SESIS data as of June 30, 2008, is not reflective of any change in status of students as of the fall semester 2008 and does not include any students who graduate outside of a four (4) year cohort, including students in an 18-21 program.

Indicator Topic State Target Local Performance Goal Met
Graduation Rate   74.90%
Dropout Rate   2.36%1.65%Y
Statewide Assessment
Participation   ReadingElementary95%95.56%Y
Proficiency   ReadingElementary81.00% Y
Middle81.00% N
MathElementary83.00% N
Middle79.00% N
Indicator TopicState TargetLocal PerformanceGoal Met
Suspension/Expulsion Rate   4.75%4.46%Y
Least Restrictive Environment for students ages 6-21: Removed Less Than 21% of the Day   58.70%72.48%Y
Least Restrictive Environment for students ages 6-21: Removed Greater Than 60% of the Day   12.00%4.92%Y
Least Restrictive Environment for students ages 6-21: Separate/Outside Placements (Combined)   2.80%0.33%Y
Parent Involvement   69.20%N / A 
Disproportionality of Race/Ethnicity in Special Education and Related Services   0.00%0.00%Y
Disproportionality of Race/Ethnicity by Disability Category   0.00%0.00%Y
Evaluation in 60 days   100.00%100.00%Y
Transition from Part C to Part B   100.00%100.00%Y
Transition Planning on IEP by age 16   100.00%50.00%N
Post-School Outcomes   94.10%100.00%Y

N / A: There is no data available.

: Data has been masked to protect the identity of students using one the following criteria:
    (1) Fewer than 10 students were reported in a grade or standard.
    (2) All students were reported in a single performance category.

: To be included for AYP determinations, a group must have at least 30 students.

: There were no students reported.