2012-2013 State of the Schools Report
A Report on Nebraska Public Schools
The 2015-2016 State of the Schools Report Card, and any future data reports regarding Nebraska public schools and student performance, can be found on the Nebraska Education Profile (NEP) at http://nep.education.ne.gov

Current Cohort Rates are available on the Schools Menu under 'Graduation Rate - Cohort.'
Cohort Graduation Rates for AYP

All Students
91.02 % 90.28 % 88.62 % 88.49 % 87.63 % 86.07 %
Cohort YearCohortGraduation Rate# Graduates

* Data has been masked to protect the identity of students using one the following criteria:
    1)  Fewer than 10 students were reported in a group or subgroup.
    2)  Fewer than 5 students were reported at a performance level.
    3)  All students were reported in a single group or performance category.

Also see the NDE Data Access and Use Policy and Procedures document on the NSSRS Instructions page under Program-specific Information/General.

Race/ethnicity is reported in seven categories beginning in 2010-2011.
Data as of September 20th, 2013