2012-2013 State of the Schools Report
A Report on Nebraska Public Schools
The 2015-2016 State of the Schools Report Card, and any future data reports regarding Nebraska public schools and student performance, can be found on the Nebraska Education Profile (NEP) at http://nep.education.ne.gov

Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) - Writing
All students
Percent Proficient
 All Grades
2012-201368 %

Percent Proficient By Grade
 Grade 04Grade 08Grade 11
2011-2012 64 %63 %
2012-201369 %67 %69 %

69 % 67 % 69 %
Average Scale Scores: Range 0-70
Level Grade 04Grade 08Grade 11
State2011-2012 44.1944.32

Students TestedStudents Not Tested
Level #%#%
State2011-201263,82999.87 %800.13 %
State2012-201364,27699.69 %1970.31 %

^ Students at grades 8 and 11 experienced formatting issues with the NeSA-Writing online test administration. While research into the score results does not indicate an effect on student results, it also does not assure there was no effect. Scores should be interpreted with caution and are not included in Nebraska Performance Accountability System [NePAS].

* Data has been masked to protect the identity of students using one the following criteria:
    1)  Fewer than 10 students were reported in a group or subgroup.
    2)  Fewer than 5 students were reported at a performance level.
    3)  All students were reported in a single group or performance category.

Also see the NDE Data Access and Use Policy and Procedures document on the NSSRS Instructions page under Program-specific Information/General.

Data as of September 20th, 2013