2013-2014 State of the Schools Report
A Report on Nebraska Public Schools
The 2015-2016 State of the Schools Report Card, and any future data reports regarding Nebraska public schools and student performance, can be found on the Nebraska Education Profile (NEP) at http://nep.education.ne.gov

Description provided by the School Building Current Contact Information

Calvert Elementary
2103 O STREET   
AUBURN, NE 68305-2532

Phone: (402)274-4129
Agency ID: 64-0029-007
Calvert Elementary provides quality instruction to students in grades PK-5. The school's teachers are dedicated to meeting the learning needs of all students. High Ability Learners are identified at the end of 3rd grade and are supported with differentiated classroom instruction plus high ability camps held in the summer and on some Saturdays during the school year. Classroom instruction is also supported by Title I and special education teachers. A district preschool program opened in fall 2010 and is housed in Calvert Elementary. Three and 4-year-olds attend morning or afternoon sessions on Monday - Thursday. Creative Curriculum, a hands-on program, is used to actively engage students in learning. Preschool educators view the family as an integral part of the students' learning process. Thus they strive to communicate with and involve the families as much as possible.

Improvement Goals provided by the School Building
A strategic school improvement model has served as District #29's framework for school improvement efforts since 1992. As part of the planning process, educators and community patrons developed the following mission: Achieving success through innovation and excellence. Our Children. . . Our Future. . . K-5 School Improvement Goals: Goal #1: All students will improve math concepts and problem solving skills across the curriculum. Goal #2: All students will improve positive behavior skills in all areas of the school. The Preschool goal serves as a means for students to develop skills that will assist them to transition to the district's elementary school and curriculum. Preschool School Improvement Goal: Goal #1: All students will acquire age-appropriate literacy and social skills that will assist students in their transition to kindergarten.