2014-2015 State of the Schools Report
A Report on Nebraska Public Schools

Description provided by the School District Current Contact Information

Wayne Community Schools
611 W 7TH ST   
WAYNE, NE 68787-1715

Phone: (402)375-3150
Fax: (402)375-5251
Agency ID: 90-0017-000
Wayne Community Schools District 17 is located in Wayne, NE and includes the counties of Wayne, Dixon and Cedar. The district covers 97 square miles and is supported by a strong business community, a local hospital, a four-year college, and several state funded agencies. During the 2014-2015 school year, the district operated from two educational facilities with a k-6th and a 7th-12th grade configuration. Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, Wayne Community Schools will offer a three and four year old pre-school program for the first time. North Star residential and job placement and Tower School also provide services and alternative settings to special education students in our community. The district provides a rigorous curriculum and comprehensive program of instruction. Along with a strong foundation of support from many aspects in our community, the course is set for excellent educational opportunities for the students at Wayne Community Schools!

Improvement Goals provided by the School District
The school improvement process is continuous and guides staff in setting goals, assessing academic progress, writing action plans and implementing new instructional strategies to raise student achievement. The overall district school improvement goal is to improve reading comprehension for all students. The school improvement process continues under the AdvancED-NCA umbrella and has provided evidence of a highly functional status in the performance standards for quality school accreditation. During the 2013-14 school year Wayne Community Schools hosted an external visit by AdvancED, seeking k-12 district accreditation status. The district was recommended for District Accreditation as a result of this visit. All staff receive on-going training in reading strategies applied to each content area of the curriculum. Additional instruction and assessment are provided for those students with low proficiency levels. Data from individual student learning probes, NeSA Reading, Writing, Science, and Math assessments, AIMSweb, and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores drive instructional differentiation to improve student achievement. The Wayne Community School offers summer school for students grades K-6 who require additional instructional time as a jump start to their next school year. Typically this occurs in late July - early August.